Spider's Gear

Bass Guitars:

2006 Music Man Bongo
2006 Green Steinberger Synapse
Black Steinberger Synapse
2004 Warwick Streamer Stage II
80's Spector (Once Owned by Scott Smith)
64 Fender Precision fretless
Fender 60's Road Worm Jazz Bass
70's Precision Bass (not shown)


My Warwick Bass..

This is my "station" when we recorded at
Bryan Adam's studio with Bob Rock in January 2011

My BC Rich Eagle bass tattooed
No.. This is not my arm !!!



Here is the Mark Bass rig
I use with Loverboy.


Little Mark II  Markbass amp
102 HF 2x 10 cab
102p 2x10 cab

* This is what I use for club gigs

Current Pedal Board