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The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC - August /1978
Photos Courtesy of


These were sent by a fan from Saskatchewan

Yeah, we all piled in there...
In front of my Dad's Place in Regina.
"We were obliged to buy this thing after we rented it on a winter tour of the prairies and had to use gaffer tape to try to seal up all the air leaks to keep from freezing. 
Of course it took the finish off the fine wood cabinetry.  Later I took it under a low bridge and removed the roof top air conditioner...
lft - rt: Matt Frenette, George Martin who became our road manager, John Hannah, Daryl Gutheil, my brother Jim, ME, Don Prodhael and Kenny Shields.

From a tour we did with Rush back 78/79
Live in Fort Williams


 In my parent's basement...
Check out the purple shag and the stubby beers!!
lft - rt: Ted Ewasiuk, Paul Dean, Denice, Matt Frenette, My Mom, Sandy Hardy and our boxer Noble, Daryl Gutheil, ME..

BC Rich Bass that I got from Prakash John

The BC Rich again... You can sort of make out the 2 double 15 cabinets I used at the time with a custom mono block head...  either too much hairspray or a frenzied head toss.

There's a better view of the custom Traynor mono block head again: Courtesy of Prakash John... "I blew it up and put in stock parts in and it was never the same... Great amp !!


Industry events and awards

Gold Single Award for
"Under My Thumb"


The El Mocambo in Toronto receiving gold award for
"Under Heaven Over Hell"


Partying with the guys from WEA after a show in Toronto


Gold Album Presentation in Regina with
Mayor Henry Baker (far right),
Third from the left is Gary Stratychuk: our manager

Winning a Juno Award 1979

(Photo Courtesy of Scoot Irwin)

CBC Television: "10:00 Live" and "10:30 Live"
These shots show the BC Rich Bass that I was playing at the time.

(photos courtesy of Bob Ego)



From the 1982 Tour
(Photos Courtesy of Jeff Neill)

(Photo Courtesy of Jeff Neill)


Edmonton, 1983
(Photos courtesy of Jeff Neill)




John Hannah, Matt Frenette, Kenny Shields, me and Daryl Guthiel at an in store autograph session

The Reunion Show,
Winnipeg, 1993
The Rolling Stone Cabaret

2003 Western Canadian Music
Awards Hall of Fame

Photo courtesy of WCMA)

1883? Backstage at Streetheart show with members of Loverboy and Crew


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Photos provided by Ken Spider Sinnaeve, Jeff Neill, Scoot Irwin and Bob Ego